The open platform to transform regular and electric bicycles into IoT e-bikes and manage e-bike fleets

A few hours
Modern Stack
BLE 5.1 & WiFi
Monthly Updates

How Thingy.Bike works

If you want to create your own e-bike fleet or just transform a regular or electric bicycle into an IoT e-bike

Choose the bike (bikes) you want to convert
You need a bicycle, a battery (24V, 36V or 48V nominal) and a motor (24V, 36V or 48V nominal)
Select Thingy.Bike components
You can order an IoT module with or without additional modules: a FOC motor controller, GPS/LTE module and wireless pedal sensor
Receive, Install and Ride
If you order all 3 components (an IoT module, wireless pedal sensor and FOC motor controller) you should connect just 2 wires from Thingy.Bike to your motor and battery

Sounds a bit complicated for you? Ask your local bicycle workshop to install Thingy.Bike on your bicycle. We have special discounts on orders with 5+ modules for bicycle workshops (20% off).

Select Components

We ship within 2-3 days after you place an order

Choose options to view the total price (from €180)

Note: Thingy.Bike doesn't include a battery and motor. You can use your current motor (24V, 36V or 48V nominal) and battery (24V, 36V or 48V nominal) or order them from a local/online shop

Est. restock date - 10-20th, December

Technical details

We designed Thingy.Bike with a modern stack - LTE, GPS, FOC, BLE 5.1, over-the-air updates and others

Works with virtually any e-bike motor that has up to 48V nominal Use a motor that fits your bike - inrunner or outrunner, 75mm OLD or 100mm OLD, front or rear
Works with virtually any e-bike battery - up to 48V nominal and 20Amps continuously Use a battery that fits your bike and mount it where you want
Set the maximum assistance speed according your local laws and motor's RPM Our controller can handle up to 20K RPM
Wireless Pedal Sensor (Optional) Installation takes just 10 secs, no wires and more natural assistance than from regular PAS sensors
GPS tracking (Optional) Get information about where your bike is over LTE connection, be notified if someone wants to steal your bike
Manage your fleet Use our cloud system to track and manage your e-bike fleet. Works even with 1 e-bike in a fleet without any long-term contracts.
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Transport map

We developed a map where you can check out how much time and money could you save (or lose) using an electric bike.

Are e-bike conversion kits worth it?
If you already have a favourite regular bicycle then your best choice is an e-bike conversion kit. This choice is both cheaper (Thingy.Bike-level complete e-bikes cost 3000+ EUR) and eco-friendly (no need to produce the bike itself and utilize the old one). But even if you don't have a bicycle, you can choose any bicycle that you like and that suits you best (size, components, style) - and install the kit on it! We developed Thingy.Bike for anyone to be able to install it. Plus, every kit contains a set of tools you will need for the installation. If you order the kit with the tyre - it arrivesalready installed.
Where do you manufacture Thingy.Bike?
IoT, GPS/LTE modules and pedal sensors are made in the EU. Motor controllers are pre-assembled in China and final soldering and tests are made in the EU.
What happens if something breaks ?
We have replacement parts for all components and repair everything in the EU.
Does Thingy.Bike show ride stats?
Sure, you can view speed, distance, battery voltage, how far can you go on a current charge and other stats in the mobile apps and web dashboard.